A Fresh Take on The Chef's Special by Carrasco Guijuelo

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Paco Morales, Joaquín Felipe, Iñaki Oyarbide, Estanis Carenzo, Roberto Ruiz and Benjamín Bensoussan offer their personal interpretations of fresh, acorn-fed Iberico pork at a series of culinary events to be held from 14 February to 16 March in their restaurants

Each chef has prepared a dish, based on his own culinary style, using the highest quality Iberico pork from Carrasco Guijuelo, the market leader in sales and innovation from the Salamancan denomination of origin, raised in Extremadura and feed free-range with acorns

This is meat of the highest quality, the source of the best Iberico ham and sausages, which can only be enjoyed once a year during slaughtering season and only as part of these exclusive events

To coincide with the pork slaughtering season and following last year's success, Carrasco Guijuelo is once again offering its fresh, acorn-fed, Iberico pork products to Madrid's most imaginative chefs. This meat is not available for retail sale. Instead, thanks to its sublime quality, it is destined to be turned into Iberico de bellota (acorn-fed) hams and sausages. Paco Morales (chef at Al Trapo), Joaquín Felipe (Aspen), Iñaki Oyarbide (iO), Estanis Carenzo (Sudestada), Roberto Ruiz (Punto MX) and Benjamín Bensoussan (Le Cabrera), will be taking part in these special events under the moniker "Historias frescas fuera de carta" (A fresh take on the chef's special). These six chefs are deeply passionate about this unique product when it is at its freshest and bursting with quality. They will be offering their unique take on fresh Iberico de bellota with a chef's special served at their respective restaurants from Valentine's Day until 16 March.

All six chefs have created a dish to tell their personal story and convey their culinary style using the tenderest, most flavoursome meat from pure-bred Iberian pigs, raised and fed on acorns on Carrasco Guijuelo's farms in Extremadura. This product is highly seasonal and only available for five weeks a year when at its highest quality. In his restaurant Al Trapo, opened just four months ago in the Hotel de las Letras in Madrid, brilliant young chef Paco Morales will be cooking an exotic glazed Iberico de bellota pork cheek with banana, smoked chipotle and white turnip. Meanwhile, Madrid local Joaquín Felipe, who runs the kitchens at Aspen in La Moraleja, is offering larded pork tenderloin with a fried egg fritter.

Iñaki Oyarbide, proprietor of the modern, multi-space venue that bears his initials, located in the old neighbourhood of Principe de Viana, has devised a dish featuring Iberico de bellota fillet marinated in aojiso (an Asian leaf) and water vinaigrette. Benjamín Bensoussan, orignally from Marseilles and head chef at Le Cabrera, is preparing roasted Iberico loin, purple potatoes, beetroot and a Roquefort emulsion. For his part, Estanis Carenzo, chef at Sudestada, has chosen a refreshing Iberico pork salad with tea leaves, while Roberto Ruiz, from the high end Mexican restaurant Punto MX, will be offering his clientele a fore-rib with a green tomatito salsa and pork crackling.

These fusion-inspired dishes convey a wealth of flavours and will be served in addition or as an alternative to the standard menus of these six restaurants, made possible by their favourite Iberico de bellota brand: Carrasco Guijuelo.


Al Trapo: Caballero de Gracia, 11 / Tel. +34 91 524 23 05
Aspen: Plaza de la Moraleja, s/n / Tel. +34 91 625 25 00
iO: Manuel de Falla, 5 / Tel. +34 91 344 06 16
Sudestada: Ponzano, 85 / Tel. +34 91 533 41 54
Punto MX: General Pardiñas, 40 / Tel. +34 91 402 22 26
Le Cabrera: Bárbara De Braganza, 2 / Tel. +34 91 319 94 57