Our values



Four generations of a family dedicated to producing the best Iberico ham. From mule driver and visionary Francisco, to the entrepreneur Atanasio and the forward-thinking Santos, right through to Juan Atanasio and Francisco in the present day. Since 1895 we have been sharing this experience with our customers and producing the most sought after Iberico ham in Spain, a ham with a unique, yet universal flavour. A different flavour, a sixth sense.


Engagement, with every link in the chain: from the rigorous selection of raw materials, through to the importance of customer care, we involve ourselves in and manage every issue


The excellence of its products has positioned Carrasco as one of Guijuelo's most renowned Iberico ham producers. The food press has declared it one of the industry's most important companies. In the words of Carlos Maribona (ABC and Salsa de Chile), "Carrasco is a safe bet".


An excellent product achieved through passion and a respect for flavour that reflects the Carrasco family's commitment for over 120 years. Throughout this period Carrasco has continued to reach new milestones-working as the architect behind achieving Denomination of Origin for Guijuelo in 1984, for example-making it the pioneering brand and leader that it is today


Carrasco has incorporated new design trends into its brand image. It has also remained alert to the discerning tastes of the consumer, which force it to go behind traditional methods of consumption, rendering each tasting once more an experience of rare intensity.


We seek the influence of tradition and technique and commit ourselves to new product challenges. Carrasco maintains its unique character thanks to its ability to unite tradition, modernity and innovation.