The brand


Family Inheritance

This is the family inheritance that has enabled the Carrasco-Guijuelo brand to maintain its traditional artisan spirit of daily work at the source, while undergoing constant reinvention to satisfy the discerning tastes of consumers looking for new ways to consume its products and make each taste of ham a unique gastronomic experience.


In 2008, Carrasco – Guijuelo revamped its image and developed new designs for its products. The new design was an original and daring way of promoting the values of the brand, of being innovative, and of differentiating Carrasco from other brands.


Carrasco continues to reinvent the Iberico ham industry with its product presentation. There is the box containing knife-cut ham, ham dice and bones, all ready-to-eat, as well as the sophisticated centenary can for the Iberico loin. These are unique presentation ideas that enhance the pleasure of eating.

Brand's image

To further promote the brand's image, leading designer Antonio Miro was given the challenge of designing Carrasco's Iberico ham Christmas box, which was launched at his store in Barcelona.

Antonio Miro was chosen because he perfectly encapsulates the union of tradition, modernity and innovation that defines Carrasco. Antonio Miro is a pioneer in the Spanish fashion world, whose work was awarded in 1988 with the Cristobal Balenciaga prize for Spain's best designer. His clothes have a highly personal touch and his shows are always original. He was the first designer to hand the catwalk over to normal people off the street, aged 18 to 75, instead of models, imparting his personal vision of fashion.